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We’ve been working for your since the year 2014.

We specialise in the selection and provision of the best nannies for children from an early age.

We select tailored nannies – according to your specific requirements.

Who’s behind it all?


„Mary Poppins Agency is my life project.“

Graduate of the master’s fields of Andragogy and Education Management at the Faculty of Pedagogy, Charles University and Social Policies at the Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University.

She gained her practice, among others, in foreign institutions which focus on children’s education. – Her aim was, is and always will be to select the most suitable persons, who will become a part of the family and whose work will have a positive influence on children’s development.



„I grew up within the Mary Poppins Agency.“

A graduate of the Prague University of Economics, with a focus on personnel management and marketing, she started out in Mary Poppins Agency as a nanny – today, she selects nannies for you.

Under the leadership of experienced HR specialists, she learned for several years how to properly select suitable persons for the given positions. She takes into account not only the professional qualifications of the nannies, but also the personality match between the family and their future nanny.


Why Mary Poppins Agency?

High standards, and an individual and emphatic approach to children’s development!


quality selection procedures


in the market since the year 2014


licence: Care for children to 3 years of age


liability insurance up to 10 million CZK


family business led by women


loyalty and discretion

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