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What we offer you

What we offer you

We select suitable job offers for you on the basis of your requirements. We focus primarily on long-term collaboration.

With us, you have the certainty of quality and stable employment in the family of your choice, in which you’ll be satisfied and which you’ll be happy to visit.

You can start work immediately, or upon agreement. – We have job offers with immediate starts, or arranged two months in advance.

After the entrance interview, we send all job offers to your e-mail address.

Financial remuneration

The remuneration depends primarily on what you can offer the family and the children.

The fee for the work is based on the length of your practice with children, your education and any courses you completed. The family’s financial offer and their payment capabilities are also crucial.

The average financial remuneration of a nanny in Prague is 180 CZK/hour.

We don’t take any registration or broker’s fees, or commission on earnings from nannies. Nannies are not obliged to complete any paid courses in our company.

Financial remuneration

What we require

What we require

We require previous professional experience, an interest in long-term collaboration in the selected family, adulthood, integrity, loyalty and responsibility from our nannies.

An advantage for candidates is pedagogic, medical or social education, or education in a related field. – Completed courses relating to children and childcare, practice in social services and educational institutions, and foreign au pair stays are also an advantage.

We present nannies to our clients with the help of their professional portfolio. – The higher the quality of the portfolio, the better your chances with the family!

Why Mary Poppins Agency?


We're different from the others

Our nannies don’t pay any registration fees, nor do we deduct any commission from their earnings. – What’s more, the arrangement of a new job is completely free of charge. You don’t need to complete any paid courses in our company in order to be registered in our database.


We try to accommodate everyone

Just like we’re there for our clients, we’re also there for our nannies. We try to accommodate our nannies as much as possible, and find them work in a family which will correspond to their requirements.


We pay heed to a friendly approach

We consider nannies to be experts in their field. We respect their opinions, listen to them and collaborate with them. In our company, nannies don’t have to worry about unfriendly behaviour. In case of doubt, they can contact us anytime and we’ll answer any questions.


A certificate does not make an excellent nanny

Although certificates are a major advantage, they’re not a condition in our company. The main things we require from nannies are practice in the field, a positive approach and kindness to children.


With us, you have the certainly of stable employment

We’ve been operating in the market since the year 2014, and we understand our work. We’ve placed more than 150 nannies in families and companies.

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