Parents work more efficiently when they know their child is having a great time, and they can be close to them. That’s why we provide long-term childcare not only in family environments, but also directly in the workplace.

The childcare service is a solution if…

…you want your employees to return to work quickly after maternity leave.

…you’re considering interesting and modern benefits for your employees.

…you want to strengthen the corporate culture, and allow even hard-working colleagues to see their children every day.

…you have employees working from home, and want to ensure they work efficiently and without disruptions.

…you’d like to offer this premium service to one of your important clients.

Collaboration options

We’ll select and provide you with a qualified nanny according to your individual requirements.


Offer your employees a benefit in the form of childcare directly in the company. Because parents will appreciate being able to spend their lunch break with their child.

We’ll organise a company kindergarten for you, including the equipment.

A nanny for the employee’s family

Parents no longer have to rush home to collect their children from school or kindergarten. An experienced and reliable nanny will ensure your employees have peace of mind and can concentrate better on work.


Surprise your client, and offer them a premium service. We successfully realise both childcare and housekeeping services.

Our mutual collaboration will make your work easier.

Why Mary Poppins Agency?

High standards, and an individual and emphatic approach to children’s development!


quality selection procedures


in the market since the year 2014


licence: Care for children to 3 years of age


liability insurance up to 10 million CZK


family business led by women


loyalty and discretion

Selection of professionals

When selecting from the candidates, we pay attention primarily to a positive approach to children, long-term practice and positive references. The selection of the nanny is also contingent on education in the area of pedagogy, healthcare, social services or a related field. Our database contains over 100 nannies, including requalification course graduates, and providers with practice in social services, educational institutions or directly in family environments.

Diverse knowledge and experience

Our database also includes providers who completed courses in the area of Montessori education, Waldorf education, “Respect and Be Respected“ courses, courses for children with special needs, teaching assistants, midwives etc. The nannies also speak foreign languages, and can even provide the children with additional education.

Personal relationships

We know all of the nannies personally, which is why we know exactly whom to offer. When selecting from the candidates, we use a two-stage selection procedure to verify personal documents, a criminal record extract and references from previous employers.

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How long is the process of finding and providing a nanny?

The entire process takes an average of 10 days, depending on the difficulty of the request. The maximum searching time is 4 weeks. If we do not recommend any suitable candidate within the agreed time frame, we will return you the deposit payment.

Do you also operate outside Prague?

We primarily provide services in Prague, but we can also arrange a nanny in the Prague-East and Prague-West districts, or in the Central Bohemian Region.

I have very specific requirements; can you find a nanny for me?

Of course. Requirements which are defined in detail are a basic pillar of successful collaboration. Our database includes providers who have experience with children with special needs, and we can also provide nannies who speak foreign languages or use alternative educational methods.

What if the nanny falls ill?

It’s not a problem. You can contact us anytime and ask us to provide a replacement nanny. We’ll be at your disposal.

What is 7+4?